Documentary by Martin Betz
30 minutes

Andreas Starchel runs a most curious school. A school of witchcraft. The academic subjects range from Astrology to Healing Arts and Magic.

Headmaster Starchel has developed his lectures based on strict scientific criterium. In his mind, witchcraft was the forerunner to the modern sciences. The documentary follows three student’s attempts at earning the schools diploma. Andreas Starchel: "I have found that everything can be explained ... Magic is only magic as long as it is a mystery. That means, once we understand the psychological components behind it, the magic dissapears".


Next TV screening:
14. 7. 2010, 9 pm
on BR-alpha

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A 2007, Digi-Beta, 30 min.

Writer & Director: Martin Betz
Cinematography: Franz Riess
Sound: Bruno Pisek
Editing: Oliver Neumann
Producer: Michael Cencig
Production: Metafilm / ORF

TV screenings:
17. 7. 2007, 23:25, ORF 2
15. 11. 2008, 06:00, 3sat
24. 4. 2009, 12:.30, 3 sat
10. 2. 2010, 19:00, TW1